Do you remember?! Doing the Time Warp?! It's time for another Furry Fiesta and as the Time Traveler's Ball happens in one room; we at the volunteer table will be taking a jump to the left, and a step to the right and getting ourselves prepared for a years worth of antici---pation. Another year is upon us my Transylvanians and the Time Travelers Ball need some help gathering up their time travelers for the ball, and what better than with The Time Warp! That being said, we need some assistance to make sure that Furry Fiesta 2013 goes off without madness taking its toll. Upon arriving to Furry Fiesta 2013 you will notice a volunteer table with a multitude of flashing lights in the main gallery next to the Dealer's Den. Those flashing lights are indicating the new and improved Volunteer Station! Just shovel up all the energy you can find and come on over to the table and my fabulous assistant Lola Starr or myself, Kyo Foxtrot, will give you a volunteer timesheet and start you into the time slip, and nothing will ever be the same.

It worked so well last year, so lets bring it back again! For Furry Fiesta 2013 we have brought back your Transylvanian Time Travel Rewards!
Volunteer Rewards
For our volunteers working a total of:
  • (5) Hours - You will be given a special Furry Fiesta volunteer trinket!
  • (12) Hours - You will be given our Furry Fiesta 2013 T-Shirt!
  • (15) Hours - You will be given the choice of either having free attending membership to Furry Fiesta 2014, OR the option of having the Furry Fiesta 2013 T-Shirt instead.
  • (20) Hours - As thanks for all your hard work you will receive both a free attending membership for Furry Fiesta 2014, AND our Furry Fiesta 2013 T-Shirt!
Also throughout our many crazy busy times during Furry Fiesta 2013 there will be various opportunities for double time and time-and-a-half. Your hours can build up fast! Some of these times will be: during Set-up/Tear-Down of the con, opening of registration Thursday night and Friday morning, late night security and many other very busy times during the convention. For more information on the times other than the ones already here come up to the volunteer table at the convention.

We will be looking for reliable volunteers from now up until Furry Fiesta 2013. If you are interested in helping out as a volunteer and believe you have what it takes to be a team player and help Furry Fiesta 2013 to be as awesome as we know it can be then send an E-mail to me, Kyo Foxtrot, and I will get you started on your journey before the convention starts! Don't forget that if you don't pre-assign for a volunteer spot that doesn't mean you can't volunteer! If the lights at the volunteer table are flashing we are most definitely in need of assistance! So come on up!

The areas that Furry Fiesta will most need volunteers are: Art for the Conbook, Overnight Help, Furry Drama, Furry Night Live, Main Events, Fursuit Games, Dances Set up/Tear Down, Logistics, TigerDen, Volunteer Table, Set up/Tear Down of convention, Registration, Security, Dealers Den Assistant/door watcher, Video Room, Video Gaming Room, Panel Room Set-up/Tear down, Art Show and just our general assistants throughout the convention. Positions are based solely on what the volunteer wants to do. There are no assigned areas. This is purely voluntarily. When the light is flashing, we NEED help.
Volunteer Opportunities
Overnight Help: The overnight helpers will be responsible for doing just that, working overnight. This will be necessary in tentatively 3 areas. TigerDen, Video Room and Security are the areas that will be needing assistance from the late night to early morning. Remember that all hours worked for overnight help counts as double volunteer hours!!

Production Setup/Stage Hands: All our shows will need a number of helpers to assist the members on stage with clearing off the stage and performing various other tasks through the performances.

Main Events: Main events will require people to help set up and tear down the main events rooms for the shows. This will involve moving around chairs, acting as security or even tossing the stick to the next person to attack the piñata.

Fursuit Games: Fursuit games will be just that. We will need assistance with being referee, tossing a ball back to the suiters, running around with the suiter, and all around general support for the games. Also assistance is also needed for the Fursuit Parade to help it run smoothly and to clear a path for people.

Dances: The dances need help setting up chairs and equipment for the shows before they start each day. During some of the shows we'll also need a person to act as door guard to check badges to ensure that the ballroom doesn't have any ghost attendees. After the dances are completed we will also need a set of people to help breakdown the equipment and rearrange chairs to make the room look presentable for the next day.

Logistics: Fiesta takes a lot of planning to ensure that each panel goes off without a hitch. These volunteers will help check on panels to ensure that they have everything that they need and that panels are occupied and leaving at the times specified in the schedule. Logistics volunteers will help to keep the convention running smoothly.

TigerDen: This is our internet room, and while it is pretty maintained within itself we will need volunteers to monitor the room during the con and especially overnight. These volunteers will ensure that the internet room can stay open 24 hours for our attendees.

Volunteer Table: We can only do so much during the convention. Volunteers will help to watch over the table for incoming volunteers and if necessary run around the convention looking for volunteers for upcoming events.

Convention Set up/Tear down: This is one of the many VERY important functions at the convention. These volunteers will help to unload the truck and help set up the convention on the Thursday before the convention. Also these volunteers will help on Sunday evening and Monday morning with breaking down the convention spaces and helping staff load up the truck. Remember! These hours will count as Double Time!!

Registration: These volunteers will ensure that each and every attendee has a smooth transition when coming into Fiesta by helping our Registration staff with signing up attendees for the convention and handing out the goodie bags to each attendee. Registration has many time-and-a-half and double time hours to be had, specific times will be available closer to the convention date.

Security: This function is pretty self explanatory. These volunteers will be responsible for ensuring that each attendee's stay at Fiesta is safe and fun! This job involves hallway monitors, door guards, adult panel guards, main event guards, overnight security and many other functions to make Fiesta a safe convention. Don't forget that overnight security counts as double time!!

Dealers Den: To ensure that Dealers Den runs smoothly, these volunteers help to check badges at the door and assist our Dealers Den staffers with other tasks that are needed to make the Dealers Den amazing every year.

Video Room: We need volunteers to watch the room to ensure that our video room staff can eat and sleep. The basic function of this room is to watch films and make sure that the room is safe.

Video Gaming Room: Volunteers for the video gaming room are needed throughout the convention. These volunteers will be room guards to make sure that everything stays where it should and that none of the attendees get too rough with the generously donated equipment.

Panel Room Set-up/Tear down: Volunteers for this function will be responsible with helping to set up and tear down panel rooms after each panel. Each panel needs to look crisp and new for each panelist. This is where you come in!

Art Show: The art show is one of our more popular spots. This volunteer will act as guard at either the door or in the actual art show to ensure that everyone in the art show is an actual attendee and also will help with signing attendees up with a number for purchasing from the art show.

Motion & Meditation Track: The yoga and dance tracks need assistance with helping to set up the panel room, signing in participants, door guarding and running the audio for the track. This can run anywhere to an hour to two hours. Need a volunteers who are able to take instruction well and don't mind working with basic audio equipment, as well as some charming door people.

General Assistance: Our most common need is just a general assistant. Someone who is flexible in their schedule and can help out about anywhere at the convention. These are the volunteers that basically on call when we need help in XYZ area. This is a very spur of the moment position and most often these are the volunteers that just wander by the table and assist.
Again we appreciate all the help of all of our volunteers. You really keep Furry Fiesta moving! So, many thanks from myself and all the staff of Furry Fiesta for all of your help. See you all there! Let's do the Time Warp AGAIN!

For any more information or to volunteer feel free to message Kyo Foxtrot!