Furry Fiesta is hosting a show of diversity this year and we are looking for talented people like yourself to assist, perform, to write skits and bring their talents to the stage. This is the Furry Drama Show.

To make Furry Drama Show a success, we'll be hosting an at-con "That's Entertainment" panel, in which you can learn how to impress like the best with your time on stage. If you wish to bring a video or have anything to contribute to the show this is the best time to do it, We will later have our rehearsals before the big show! If you have a prepared skit or video you will still need to come to rehearsal unless it is a video mailed in to us. If you're interested in joining in the fun, either on stage or behind the scenes, contact us through the forums or contact Draconis directly at his email address.

For more information or questions please contact Draconis.

Rules & Advice
  1. Performances should not be longer than 3 minutes. We have found longer performances then 3 minutes normally will not hold up well on stage and also cuts into others performance time. Exceptions can be made with very entertaining acts.
  2. You do not need to have a fursuit to be on stage. The stage is open to everyone with a good act such as music, poetry or singing. Get on stage and get down with your bad self!
  3. If you have pre-recorded music or dialogue, it should be on a CD, labeled with the skit and your membership name. If there is more than one track on the CD (for audio needs), please label which track # you need played and which time in the track it should be started at. Keep in mind we cannot be responsible for lost CDs so, it's in your best interest to give us a copy of the CD you want us to use.
  4. Keep your skits PG (as best as possible).
  5. Remember rehearse your performance as much as possible. Rehearsal time is limited at the con so if you can, rehearse beforehand.
  6. If you have signs for skit, make sure that they are large enough to be seen from the back row and under lower lighting. Also remember to hold them long enough to give the audience a chance to read them.
  7. Remember a private joke is just that. The audience is not likely to get it.
  8. For safety reasons, we will need to approve of any items your act might throw into the audience.
  9. If you need help with your performance or want to be in a skit, try to attend both the rehearsal and performance panels before the show. They are a great opportunities to meet with acts looking for extras!
  10. We will be accepting video for presentation during Furry Night Live. If you are not going to be attending Furry Fiesta, make sure you credit all those in your video as well the location. Videos are encouraged to use Furry Fiesta's theme, but not required to. Video presentations should not exceed 3 minutes but exceptions for superior work can be made.
  11. Any and all changes to your act should be made known to the stage director and Emcee as soon as possible BEFORE the show. This will ensure that your act runs smoothly and doesn't leave the audience or stage crew confused and/or angry with you.
  12. We will be offering sign-up forms that you should fill out, so that we can better plan the show and help it run better. You can find the link to these here. Print and fill them out beforehand so it saves you time at the con. Otherwise, you will need to fill them out at the convention.