The following brave individuals are our staff members for Furry Fiesta 2013.

Path (Chairman) - "I love this fandom. I mean, who in their right mind puts a hyena in charge of anything?!" He doesn't even have wings or magic powers. Path volunteered for two years before joining staff to run the Art show in 2011 and 2012. Inexplicably he is now the Con Chair, presumably because no one has realized what they have done wrong. Path keeps his name four letters long so he can remember how to spell it.

Alicia (Operational Security Lead) - Alicia is a reptile of unknown origins from North Texas. She has only been active in the community for two years and already hosts an up-and-coming fur meet, has volunteered for most of her first convention ever (Furry Fiesta 2012) and has managed to slither her way to Co-Head of Security for Furry Fiesta 2013. Alicia is a Nationally Registered Paramedic and licensed in Texas with multiple certifications, and has a small background in law enforcement. She prefers hot and sunny climates and an oasis atmosphere if she has her choice. She loves the great outdoors far away from the city and enjoys off-roading. Other hobbies include video games and collecting emergency equipment. Alicia prides herself on being granted the opportunity to serve the furries of our Fiesta and ensure their safety through the duration of the convention and hopes they will feel nice and comfy with a keen eye watching over them. ^.~.^

Crys the Hybrid (Art Track Lead) - I'm Crys (pronounced Chris)! I'm a happy, fun loving hybrid from the middle of Amarillo, TX. I'm an artist by nature and a teacher at heart so being able to bring new panels to Furry Fiesta each year is an amazing privilege. I'm always open for questions and I'm always up for teaching about anything I know! Don't be afraid to come up and say hi!

Darkdragon (Security) - Heya!! ^=^ I am Dark Dragon, but you may call me Dark. I am from Houston, Texas. I have been with the furry fandom since 2006, but didn't get on the bandwagon till 2010. I am working at the Herman Memorial Hospital in the Texas Medical Disdrict in downtown Houston. When it comes to my work I am very focused on helping out as best I can and making sure that, whoever needs help, I am the one to call. I love to make new friends, hanging with old ones, enjoying the people who make the furry fandom what it is, and helping to make it better.

DiddyWolf (Registration Lead) - Hiya! I'm Diddy, a blue furred wolf pup from Dallas who has been in the fandom since 2001. I'm an avid computer geek, occasional electronics hobbyist, and licensed ham (N5PUP). I've been to every Furry Fiesta since the beginning and have known most of the staff for longer than that, so it's no surprise to anyone that I finally got dragged off invited to join the fun. You'll find me working away as Head of Registration, keeping everything in the reg room running smoothly. Feel free to say "Hi" while you're there.

Draconis (Furry Drama Show) - Draconis (aka Calamity Cougar) has worked with Furry Fiesta since it's second year putting together the variety show. }#`%${%5&`+'B{`%e& We interrupt this bio with an important announcement. Path has taken over as Con Chair. We all know there is no way a Hyena would ever be con chair. It seems he "borrowed" a time traveling device from one of the attending Travelers to put himself in control by creating this alternate time line. Anyone who has seen The Lion King will know how dangerous Hyenas in charge can be. So keep an eye out for a chance to make things right again. We now return to Draconis' Bio already in progress. &8%`}$'+`&4H%{$*`#{ That is why he now hosts a second show called the Furry Drama Show to be held on Sunday. He wants to see you at auditions and rehearsals! So join Calamity Cougar and be a part of the show!

Glass (Fabrication Lead) - I got 99 problems but the con ain't 1. Due to RL issues I have step down as chair & left my favorite hyena, Path, in charge. Being a dizzy ferret I will be planning & building projects & making sure things are getting done. Got an issue? Let me know! Is anyone really reading this? Really? I'm just curious. If you read this please poke me or bring me a mint so I know someone cares. PEACE ^-^

Guardian (Logistics, Con Ops) - Hello there! I've been a member of the furry community since 1999 and have thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with the furry population in DFW and beyond. I like most fantasy and sci-fi books and media, good artwork, furry/scaly/feathery critters in general but especially Lions, Tigers, and Bears (Oh my!), computers in general (and most things technical, really) and hanging out /w my friends. Helping to run Furry Fiesta is a LOT of work, but I'm working extra hard to make sure Furry Fiesta 2013 runs more smoothly than ever!

Gwaland (Vice Chair, System Admin)

Halfwit Genius (Events Lead) - Halfwit is a seven-bodied rat king originally formed in the suburbs of East Tennessee. Eventually, her trail of havoc and plague led her to settle in North Texas. She has been in the furry fandom since around 2007 and has been a part of Furry Fiesta since its inaugural year in 2009. Halfwit can be found at various locations during the convention as, for the duration of Furry Fiesta, she mostly distributes candy instead of plague.

Ipequey (Webmaster, Multimedia Track) - Ipequey is a blue and white inflatable anthro wolf with a hard to pronounce name. Somehow he got suckered into invited to become the Texas Furry Fiesta's webmaster! When not hacking away, you can generally find him enjoying fine beers and music. You can generally find him in fursuit at the con or attending one of the multimedia track events.

Istanbul (Charity Liason, Media Liason) - I'm Istanbul, a bunny who's been in the furry community since 1995, though I've been a furry fan for as long as I can remember. I've been playing games since I could walk and I'm a big fan of furry art and music and writing. I've attended dozens of conventions, and with my hotel experience and gift of gab, creating Furry Fiesta back in 2009 just seemed like the right thing to do! Having stepped down as chairman after 2011, I'm very happy to focus more keenly on the needs of our charity and help them take care of their magnificent animals, and being full of words made me a natural choice for media liaison! Furry Fiesta is a huge source of pride and hope for me, and I'm happy to wear two hats so that I can help to run a convention that everyone will enjoy for years to come!

Jace (Charity 2nd) - Hey! I'm Jace Zantetsukin, second in command for the charity track. I'm your average scientist dragon, lab and the whole works, and have turned my mind to making the charity track the best I know how. I can't wait to see you at Furry Fiesta!

Jeddar (Consuite Lead) - Jeddar is a Dallas-based, starting to grey, ferret with dreams of becoming a chef one day. For now he keeps his family fed by working the phones of computer tech support. He dabbles in many artistic forms but has yet to dedicate himself to one enough to really be all that good. He is happily mated and wed to the love of his life, Halfwit Genius (a lovable and cute rat king). On Staff he is the chief over Consuite, making it his job that no one lacks in a quick snack or something to drink to keep them going, a role he's successfully pulled off since Fury Fiesta's inception.

Jerynn Barbary (Art Show, Security) - Jerynn is a shaggy leopard from the Nevada mountains who has been in the fandom since he was a teenager. He's worked as a veterinary technician and has volunteered at zoos. At home, he sketches and paints, plays improv guitar and hand-drums, and creates original tribal jewelry. He volunteered last year as an art show ninja, but sadly, he has not yet learned proper fear and thus has offered himself up as staff in 2013.

Khyle (Furry Night Live DFW Liason) - A wandering wolf who loves music, merriment, and mirth. A theater person at heart, he has been with the convention every year, but only recently involved with staff for fursuiting and theatrical performance. His ultimate goal is to continue bringing quality entertainment to convention attendees and to continue helping Furry Fiesta be a wonderful convention.

Kit Sung (Art Show Lead) - Kitsung, while being eternally hopeless at life in general, was genetically created using inbred technology specifically to run Furry Fiesta's 2013 Art Show. When he leaves the Art Show room, or is not planning the event, he drools uncontrollably and hardly remembers to eat or breathe. However, in the throes of Show planning and execution, this tiger not only shines, but radiates a type of goo not yet understood by leading researchers. Please pet him. In fact, being pet seems to be his only other true function in life.

Kitra (Motion & Meditation Track) - This shape-shifting skunkupine has been in the Dallas fur community since the mid-90's when she moved to Texas and she's been teaching panels for Furry Fiesta since it first began. A professional dance instructor since 1992, when she eventually got her yoga certification she was immediately drawn to focus on a more approachable, friendly and less intimidating method of bringing fitness and fun to the furry community. When not dancing, she works as a makeup artist for the film industry specializing in body art and creature transformation. She is viewable on IMDB and has been featured in several of the Tuaca Body Art Ball shows. Kitra is the proud mother of two small parrots with huge personalities who keep her both on her toes and full of joy along with her own personal hero and beloved mate, Seismic, who repairs her and fills her with wonder every day.

KL Sanchez (Video Room Lead) - KL Sanchez - or perhaps better known by his two villainous aliases, "The Playwright" or "Captain One-Liner" - is a mysterious entity rumored to be a Mes'can desert fox whose two favorite things are commitment and changing himself. Partial to black clothes and American cars with big motors, and if not for the facial hair is often mistaken for a woman thanks to long, flowing locks of hair. Obsessions with rebellious, anarchistic industrial metal, muscle cars, and hot anthro chicks have led authorities to issue a general warning for your own safety. When not scheming to take over the world, he is often found working, sleeping, eating, or dreaming to accumulate wealth via music, art, writing, game design, or any other foolish thing that crosses his mind. Also likes busty black chicks and long walks on the beach and currently operates the Audiovisual Mental Conditioning and Reprogramming Center, also called the Video Room.

Kou Wolffe (Main Ballroom, Stage Manager) - Howdy! I'm Kou, a Texas native arctic wolf, from San Antonio. Theater Major, Amateur Artist, and Make-Up Artist are some quick things to describe me. When I am not around, I will be behind the main stage in the main ballroom, making sure any and all productions and panels are going as smoothly as possible for your entertainment and enjoyment! When not behind the curtain, I enjoy hanging with friends and making new ones.

Kyo Foxtrot (Volunteer Lead) - Hey there! I'm Kyo! I've been in the Furry Fandom for over 10 years but I'm also a huge Anime geek. My character is a purple fox and has been showcased in a novel sold by At cons you can usually find me wearing all bright purple and pink. My friends on Knotcast have dubbed me the gayest gay to ever gay a gay!

Kyo Mizuki (Dealers Den) - I'm a wolf-shep hybrid! I'm a writer in my free time and a barista in my not-so-free time. My home is the dealer's den. You'll find me there whenever I'm not running errands for Shiva or helping the dealers with anything they need. If you have any questions feel free to ask! I don't bite.

Lathyrus (Consuite) - You can find Lathyrus helping out Jeddar in the Consuite. He is a farie bat, and twinkles all the colors of the rainbow after working through a difficult addiction to skittles. Side effects include: Leprechaun Lexicon, Severe Ad Nauseum, and a tiny pot of gold at the end of his liver. Come say hi!

L'sai (Video Room) - Wuff! I'm L'sai, a purple, tiger-striped husky/dire wolf mix who has been in the fandom since about 2000. I am somewhat shy till I get to know you, then watch out, I'm unpredictable. I have been attending TFF since the beginning, thanks to Shockwave (I wouldn't have known about it if not for him). In 2011 I was asked to come sit in the video room for the day. I did such a good job at sitting and saying they gave me an official position on staff for 2012 and I am still here. "Purple Puppy Peanut Butter Licky Face"

Maxamillion Jag (Inventory) - A Snow leopard who has been a part of the fandom since around 2000. You'll see me running around the con trying to get furs to put things in the right boxes and telling Guardian the entire con should be held in one room because it would be easier to track everything. I am happily mated to my kitty Gwaland who will be doing his best to tell everyone he is just the System Admin while being dragged into doing more. I spend most of my free time escaping into Sci-Fi and fantasy, playing Planetside2 or asleep. The rest of my time I spend shuffling boxes around whether at home, work or the con.

Mitch Kenzo (Events) - Heyos all! Your friendly grey lion is here to help things run more smoothly/derpily in various events around the con, especially some of the games planned! You'll see me at things such as Musical Balloons, the Nerf Tournament, and trying to keep the pinatas from warping through time and space. Jerks. Anyway, feel free to chat me up if you see me, and here's to another awesome year!

Mizrik (AV Lead - Install, Strike, and Safety) - Hello all. I'm currently a professional in the entertainment industry. I spend most of my time working on lighting but I also do work in SFX and pyrotechnics! I have been with Seaworld San Antonio for over eight years...I do it for the sea lions... After being an attendee for the past three years and helping last year, I am really excited to be a part of the Furry Fiesta Staff! This great con is a fantastic place for me to use my talents as a lighting designer to make TFF a unique experience for everyone.

Orim Katsu (Activity Track) - I am Orim, the new minion on the block. When I am not running around helping the con, the staff, or the people, can find me dwelling in corral playing games. Be it card, board or video games, I play them all. You're more than welcome to say hello, strike up a game, or just hang out.

Pacerfox (Fursuit Track Lead) - Pacer is a fox (though he also has a wolf character and a phoenix character) who lives in Austin. He's been costuming for over a decade and has worked 6 years for a minor league hockey team as their mascot. He also performs for many charity organizations.

Ratchet (A/V Lead, Main Ballroom Lead) - Hi! I'm Ratchet, a Fox From San Antonio, Texas. I've been around the fandom since 2008 and have been attending conventions since the first Furry Fiesta in February 2009. Since then I've become involved with A/V at several conventions and its turned into quite the hobby and a career for me. I Coordinate all things audio,video, and lights in the main ballroom and direct the team that operates it all to bring you the awesome entertainment Furry Fiesta has to offer each year.

Red Fox (Dance Operations Coordinator) - Hello my name is Red, but most just call me RedFox. :3 I love hanging out with furry friends. I've been in the fandom for about eighteen years and have been to 67 furry conventions. Some of my hobbies include flying model airplanes and helicopters, and model railroad. I LOVE redfox plushies! I have been collecting them since I was 8 years old. I'm up to 572 now. Help me find some more!!! I also own a DJ company base out of Lawrence, KS. My self and one other do all the dance lighting for TFF. If you like to more hit me up at the dance. Hugs to every one.

Remclave (Art Show) - Remclave is a warm, fuzzy non-furry who was charmed by her daughter into volunteering (as opposed to sitting in the hotel room knitting and not meeting the con attendees). So she lived in the Art Show room during Furry Fiesta 2012, knitting and meeting the wonderful furries that teemed throughout the convention. If Path is to be believed, "she far and away blew out every volunteer in terms of number of hours worked. I also happen to know that she volunteers for all sorts of good causes. Also, she's done everything. Everything. So welcome, Remclave, to Art Show staff. You were already sort of this last year, it's nice to have it official!" Remclave is also retired military... So more like a little of everything LOL!

ResKitty (Programming, ConOps) - Res is a panther from Texas. He has always lived in the Lone Star State but only recently moved to Dallas. He is in charge of making sure that the con has panels to attend while keeping insanity to a minimum and all the panelists are (mostly) happy. He runs around the con a lot and is usually moving, If he isn't dashing about he is living in ConOps or attending one of his panels.

Sable Gryphon (Executive Security Lead) - Sable is a nomadic Gryphon currently living in the DFW area. He is an Operation Iraqi Freedom Army Veteran who now works in Information Security. He is an avid gamer (video and tabletop), firearm collector, and assistant SCUBA instructor. Having attended every Furry Fiesta, he was finally dragooned into using his skills to enhance the safety and security of the convention.

Sairo (Art Show) - I'm Sairo, a 24 year old insurance company employee. I'm not a salesman thankfully, just a processor. I love video games, especially MMOs'. Some anime and all that sort of thing. I love art and reading as well - Anything fantasy with a great world I can really lose myself in. I'm a blue and green husky who's been in the fandom for going on six years now! Hopefully we can run a great art show this year.

Savrin (Gaming Track Lead) - Savrin is the multi-talented many-titled voice of sanity and reason. When it comes to Furry Fiesta, he's the guy running the gaming track and putting on a good show in the process! He's been a part of the Furry Fiesta crew since its inception, so is it devotion to the cause or stockholm syndrome keeping him around? Whatever the reason, he takes his role seriously. Savrin has known of the furry fandom a very long time, so theres not much that will faze him... but that doesn't mean you should try.

Seismic Gelatin (ConStore Lead) - Seismic is an avid believer in both acute reading skills and personal spatial awareness. He is also the beloved mate of Kitra. He spends most of his off-season time active in Starfleet and supporting students in a college computer lab. He also spends a fair amount of time learning how to play the concertina.

Shi Ni Ferret (Cash Office) - Hi, I'm Shi Ni (pronounced shiny)! I'm a red-headed ferret that hails from Fort Worth. I've been in the fandom since 2005. I generally love the whole aspect of furry and really enjoy meeting new people. I have a tendency get really distracted by shiny objects and have been known to injure myself in the pursuit of them. I'm a very outgoing ferret so if you see me scurry around the con feel free to say hi!

Shiva (Dealers Den Lead, Artist Alley Lead, Community Relations) - Shiva has been part of the fandom as an artist and writer for over a decade, has been part of our staff since year one and she can be found on FurAffinity as shivakat. She takes part in the furry relationship and general geekery podcast Knotcast and lives locally to the convention in nearby Dallas. Shiva provides management, assistance and support for those wishing to sell items or services at Furry Fiesta within our vendor spaces. She also minds our LJ, Facebook, Yahoo Groups and several other public venues where we have a presence. At the convention, she can be found in and around Dealers Den and/or Artist Alley. She provides general assistance with a variety of questions. If she cannot assist you, she will find someone who can.

Shockwave (Puppet Track Lead) - Sir "Not appearing in this film." Puppet wrangler having to sit out a year due to RL issues. Puppets will be back next year; I promise.

Simba Maliki (Registration) - My name is Simba Maliki. I am part of the registration staff so you will be seeing me when you pick up your badge or wandering the halls during my breaks. A lion native to the Northern Texas region, I have been a furry for the past decade and began mingling with the community in 2008. This will by my second Furry Fiesta, my first being TFF2012 where I also spent the majority of my time behind the registration tables. You're welcome to come talk to me about any topic if you're wanting someone to talk to and I am just wandering the halls.

Smokescale (Writing Track Lead) - I'm Smokescale Aquatos, I'm head of the writing track and I help Halfwit out with certain events (usually by being given a microphone and pointed at an audience... whether or not that's a good thing remains to be seen!). I've been living in the Dallas area since early 2004 and have been in the fandom since early 2003. I'd like to think I'm pretty easy to get along with and lack much of that one trait many dragons seem to possess, intimidation. I'm goofy, silly, and about 90% of my communication is done by means of popular culture references. My lexicon is easy to influence so please pardon me if I start stealing things you say and use them as if they were mine. I write from time to time, some of it a few folks even think to be good!

Storm (Registration) - Storm is a unicorn native to the forests of middle Tennessee who now makes his home in North Texas. He wreaks havoc with the infrastructure across the state; if you're sitting in traffic due to construction you can just about guarantee he has had his hoof in the project somewhere along the way. You'll find him playing workhorse for registration, doing his best to make this process as smooth and quick as possible for everyone. If he's not in registration then he's probably in the Corral taking in large amounts of coffee. Legend has it that unicorns don't sleep.

Super Jayhawk (Furry Night Live Lead) - Super Jayhawk has been involved with fursuit stage performances since FC 2000, later starring in the Furry Superheroes trilogy from FC 2001-2004. He is one of the original creators of Furry Night Live (along with Yippee and Scruffy Coyote) that packed in the crowds from FC 2005-2009. In 2010, he took the show to Califur 2010-2011, and for the last two years brought the show and crew to Texas Furry Fiesta. Super Jayhawk has been a writer, director, producer, and strategist for the show for all of its nine-year run, and is always looking for talented performers, producers and writers to make Furry Night Live truly be "The Greatest Show in Fur!"

Teiran (Printing) - Teiran is the angry badger of Furplanet Publishing. An engineer, writer, and publisher, he works with his mate Fuzzwolf providing the fandom with literary and comic book publishing. He is often seen destroying building just to rebuild them, or simply rearranging his mate's stuff.

Tigerwolf (Internet Room) - Tigerwolf is a retired USAF flight test program manager/engineer and is a flight-rated Master Navigator. Though a 'furry' inside since a kid, the Internet revealed others in 1993. Tigerden was founded in 1994 in part to contribute something back to the fandom. Since then, we've provided Internet room setups for various furry cons, web and muck hosting, and individual accounts for those lacking other facilities. We've also provided Internet for victims of hurricanes Katrina, Gustav and during extended power outages from windstorms in Ohio.

Trevalyn (Dance Coordiator) - Howdy! I'm a tigerwolf fur from Houston, TX who's been apart of the fandom for many years now. This will be my 5th time being on staff for Furry Fiesta and I'm very excited. I enjoy music, tv, anime, WoW and poker when I'm not busy with life. I've played piano since I was 6 years old, have composed and written my own music since I was 16, have done remix commissions for artists like Amber, Rihanna, Kristine W and work with Universal Music Group. I've DJed now for 10 Years and have played in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Austin, Houston and many others. The furry cons I've DJed for are FWA, Elliott's Live Events and Furry Fiesta.

Webster (Cash Office Lead) - Well, what to say? I am a life-long fangirl who wandered into the furry fandom about four years ago. My home base is literary: science fiction and fantasy, with a heavy dose of Star Trek throughout my developmental years. I have never been anything less than enthusiastic in my projects or fandoms. Professionally and interest-wise, I serve as an assistant accountant and I'm growing as a student.

Whines (AV Lead - Lighting) - A longtime Austin coyote, Whines is active in the 'Keep Rawhide Safe And Legal' movement. He is fascinated by blinking lights and fennec foxes and dreams of one day combining the two. Back in Austin he likes to have lunch, talk about lunch, reminisce about great lunches of the past, and meet neat furry people--preferably over lunch. :9 He like drawing silly furry cartoons and hosts 'Art Night' for artsy types who like to socialize while they doodle or sew.

WyndChaser (Volunteering) - Hai *tail waves* I am a fennec fluff <(^.^)> I have been in the fandom since 1993 when i discovered it. I started to go to cons in 2000, my first being Anthrocon. From there I started con-hopping. I am currently enrolled at EastField college working on a dual major of Vet-Tech and Writing. I hope to one day be a successful furry novelist and to help my four legged friends feel better...

Zapnut Shakur (Marketing Lead) - I am a tiger dual national living in Dallas (with one of those foreign accent things you hear so much about these days). I've enjoyed attending this great convention since 2009. In 2012 I decided I should probably help out to keep TFF an awesome experience for all. My area of responsibility lays in making people aware that Furry Fiesta is worth coming to, both for guests and events. I hope y'all make the trip and see what all the fuss is about. :) You are most likely to find me behind a pint, at the hotel bar. Failing that, behind a knive and fork. :9