Both of our Guests of Honor have been chosen for their respective contributions which have helped to shape the furry fandom into the diverse and entertaining social landscape that we all enjoy. Join us in showing them the respect their due at Furry Fiesta 2013!
Artist Guest of Honor: Heather Bruton
Heather is a broad spectrum artist based out of Kitchener, Ontario. Her works include science fiction, fantasy, anthromorphics, and wildlife. Her works have been published in role playing games, trading cards, and as book covers. She is a well-known cover artist for anthromorphic comics such as Radio Comix’s Genus.

She was born in Nova Scotia, Canada, on November 7, 1961 and attended her first science fiction con in 1978, where she won her first two art show awards. Since then, she has been awarded over one hundred and fifty art show awards, including three from WorldCon.

In her own words,
"I love all kinds of music, especially British- and Celtic-inspired folk. I read voraciously, everything from Regency romances to SF and fantasy to nonfiction books on a number of topics. I love history from the Napoleonic War on back, especially that of Egypt and Japan, plus the Native history of North and South America. I'm also interested in paleontology (I adore dinosaurs!), archeology, and natural history of just about any sort--but especially the study of big cats, raptors and cetaceans. When I have the time I dabble in building and painting garage kit models. This allows me to satisfy my love of sculpture, since I can't do it myself!

Most of the time I'm happily ensconced in my living room, listening to way too much TV and sketching, inking and painting. I love what I do, but it is a solitary job most of the time. So I enjoy getting out of the house to attend conventions, to meet folks and other artists. If you see me at a con, feel free to walk up and chat, or if you have some comments about anything you see on this site, please drop me a line on email!"

Fursuiting Guests of Honor: DreamVision Creations
Fursuit builders extraordinaire, DreamVision Creations is a team of two very talented artisans, Monoyasha & Ciara!

A little about Monoyasha (in her own words):

My real name is Jessica, but many of my friends and acquaintances know me as "Monoyasha" or "Kira Flurry" within online and convention communities. I have been working with and creating costumes and props since around 2003, but my fascination with costumes and make-up started when I was much younger. I have always been intrigued by classic horror films; specifically the special effects that were used way back when. It always made me curious how they turned a regular person into a monster that looked and acted so real! I’ve also loved art since I was young, so the transition from sculpting, drafting, drawing, and 3d work into costuming was very easy.

Currently, I specialize in creating fursuits and accessories. My greatest trade-skill is in the creation of ‘realistic’ suits and props. I will not hesitate to admit that I was one of the first quad-suit costumers in the country with my Kilala quadsuit back in 2003. Many have approached me for tips and advice on creating their own, and I like to think that I have helped broaden and revolutionize the creation of these unique costumes. As much as I have given advice, I have also taken advice and learned from so many of my friends and acquaintances within this community. Behind the scenes features from movies, TV, and theme parks have also helped me learn. Bringing a vision or a dream to life has always been a passion of mine.

A little bit about Ciara:

Ciara is Monoyasha's roommate and good friend. She is the one that tends to answer most if not all emails, notes, and comments on the various sites DreamVision's work is uploaded to. She's also the one that does the majority of the uploading. Mono is usually busy sculpting or something, so she doesn't have the time required to do all that internet junk. Ciara's suit was one of the first suits created by Jess back in 2008 and therefore isn't 'realistic', however later 2012 there will be a fullsuit in the works for the both of them. Ciara is also the one that does most of the claw/eye/nose/pawpad orders since it's something she can do while Mono is busy.

It's actually Ciara's fault Mono is in the furry fandom, as once she realized Jess' affinity for animals and animal costumes she introduced her into it, and it was then that Mono figured out about her fursona and joined in on the fun. :D It's also her fault Mono is in Texas, as she moved down here to be with her husband, and Mono had to tag along if she wanted the help they could offer to get DvC up and running.

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Radio Comix: Radio Comix is an alternative comic book publishing company based in San Antonio, Texas, United States. Founded in 1996 by former Antarctic Press employees Elin Winkler-Suarez and Pat Duke, Radio Comix has published hundreds of comics from many genres, from both American-created and translated Japanese manga to anthropomorphic to adults-only books under their Sin Factory imprint. Their Furrlough title is the longest-running comic anthology in the U.S.