Out of the ashes of a ruined civilization, furries combined their talents and abilities allowing a new world to flourish. Creating a utopia that honored old traditions and started ones of their own, these new world furries are eager to share their utopia with travelers throughout time, by hosting a "Time Travelers Ball".

You are cordially invited to help celebrate with us and our Guests of Honor, artist Heather Bruton and fursuit crafters Monoyasha & Ciara owners of DreamVision Creations.
Heather Bruton
Furry Artist
Monoyasha & Ciara
Owners of DreamVision Creations
Furry Fiesta Featured on Jedi Cole Podcast
February 19, 2013

Some early media coverage!    Read about our event, and listen to your hyena convention chair and his brilliant rabbit sidekick, Istanbul, yap on about your favorite Texas Furry convention!   Hint:  The hyena is the voice displaying the least amount of sanity.


 Listen to the Podcast here

This podcast is part of Jedi Cole’s Convention Awareness Project – TX .  This ambitious project features the many conventions all over Texas, and he does a fantastic job interviewing.  Consider following his blog to catch all the latest on upcoming fandom conventions.   The motto of the show speaks the truth:   “You can’t go if you don’t know.”

Convention Event Highlights, Part 2 – Entertainment and Games of Chance

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This edition of events includes musical acts, theatrical performance, and games of chance.  There’s so much to do here – make sure to visit our schedule (above), create an account, and select the events you’re interested in.  The site will build a personalized schedule for you.   The con only runs 3 days, make the best of it!



Rhubarb the Bear’s Show
Friday @8pm
Main Events


One year after his solo debut, Rhubarb returns to the Furry Fiesta stage with an exclusive preview of his new show premiering at at the Orlando International Fringe Festival 2013.  Expect new songs, new guests, and even more excuses for shenanigans.


Bucktown Tiger’s Concert
Friday @6pm
Main Events


Furry hip-hop artist and fursuit keyboardist Bucktown Tiger is honored and grateful to have been a part of Furry Fiesta since its beginning, and to say “thank you,” he’s going to do a show he’s never brought to Texas before. Come and watch Bucktown try to be as awesome as you!


Furry Night Live
Saturday @7:30pm
Main Events


Come see Furry Night live, the show that has all the laughs of a major comedy show but with the insanity that censors won’t allow on television!


Furry Drama Show
Sunday @1:00pm
Main Events


Join your host, Calamity Cougar, as he presents some of the craziest and funniest acts this side of the Mississippi!



Casino Night
Friday (5pm – 9pm)
in the Corral


We’re always looking for new events to raise money for CARE.  In that pursuit, we now feature a Charity Casino Night.   Pick up a ticket to the event at the Con Store inside the registration room (we ask for a donation to Charity).  Bring the ticket to the Corral (Whispering Oaks Room) where you exchange it for chips.  The chips are not to be eaten!  Use the chips to play Texas Hold ’em, Blackjack, Roulette, and Craps.   When you check out for the night, return the chips – your chip count will be recorded.
Return to the Casino Night room at 9PM to see where you stand!  The furball and or scaley with the most chips gets first pick of prizes – prizes that include a Super Sponsor membership to Furry Fiesta in 2014!


Did you totally fail and lose all your chips too quickly?  Head back over the con store and pick up another ticket (donate to charity!)  You can feel good about what you’re doing, and continue playing as though you never lost a single game.   Remember – Don’t try to give money to your table dealer – they can’t take it.    A big thanks to Kou Wolfe for helping us run this event!



Charity Poker Tournament
Sunday (1pm – 5pm)
in the Corral


Join Bucktown Tiger and Horse’s Ghost in a tournament to the death!  Er, elimination.  Having won this tournament three years ago, and coming in 2nd the year after, this game is near and dear to my questionable hyena heart.  Buy in to this tournament for a chance to win all sorts of prizes, including a super sponsor membership for 2014!  Rebuy’s are allowed in the early part of the game, but make sure to get in on time.




For updates throughout the convention, follow us at @furryfiesta or me @pathhyena.
Want to volunteer?  Give your love to “purple” Kyo at [email protected]

Convention Event Highlights, Part 1
February 15, 2013

As we run up to the convention (less than a week left to con!), I’d like to spotlight some of the major rooms, events, and special guests which make up all the pieces of the convention.  Here’s part one of that series!


Please hit us up on the forums at forum.furryfiesta.org!


Today we’re covering our major art events and dances.  Furry Fiesta features a lively artist alley, a rambunctious Dealer’s Den, and a relaxing fancy pants Art Show.   We also feature 5 dances in one 3 day weekend – one of which is a formal Ball!



Artist Alley

Artist Alley is one of my favorite places because you really never know who will be in there.  Some of the folks in there are trying their paw out at working a convention for the first time.  Some of them are highly skilled veterans who just don’t want to be locked down to table in the Den, or just didn’t have a chance to get signed up in time.  I’ve bought a couple of art pieces here, myself.

In the alley you can find artists and their wares, and can often commission a badge or artwork.  This is a great place to learn about new talent, and the best part is that every day you’ll find a new batch of folks enthusiastic to serve.

If you are an artist who would like to become a vendor at Furry Fiesta 2013, the AA is a good route.  Make sure you get your Sales Tax ID before the show, and show up at 9am on mornings prior to the alley’s opening to get a seat.

For questions about Artist Alley membership or rules, reference the link above or find Shiva/Kyo Mizuki in the Den.

Dealer’s Den

This is the heart of any fandom  convention.  Here you’ll find over 50 artists, publishers, vendors, and our charity,  CARE, ready to inform and sell you all the stuff you really came here to buy.  This is where lots of your money should go!  In return, you can find almost anything, from shirts to tails to books.

HINT:  If you buy a book here, sometimes the author is onsite!  It feels pretty great to support an author, and then get their signature in your soon to be favorite furry fiction.

Stop by CARE’s table to see a life size tiger, and hear more about their organization.  Derek, who runs their operations, is REALLY friendly, contagiously enthusiastic, and just a great (and greatly informative!)  guy to talk to.

For hints and tips on how to commission or interact with your favorite artists, come to the panel, “Your First Furry Convention”.  Building a good relationship with a vendor goes a long way to getting the artwork out of your mind’s eye and onto the page.
Make sure you say hit to Shiva and “little” Kyo Mizukie while you’re down there!


Art Show

Having run this for a couple of years, I have a soft spot for art show.  A big thank you to Kitsung, my 2nd in command for previous years, for taking this show over!  Too many furries don’t know art show is there –  do make an effort to find it on the first floor by the elevator, room name Palm.  The art show gives you a calm, relaxing atmosphere in which to BID (how fun is that?) on all sorts of artwork from 20 or so artists.  Walk around, comment on the art with your friends, place bids, and take it all in.

Feel especially good when you win – 10% of your winning bid goes to Charity!


For guidance on how to navigate the bid process, or to ask about the artists in the show, hit up Kitsung, Sairo, and Remclave.




We’ve got dances in the main ballroom.  We’ve got dances Friday night.  We’ve got dances Saturday night.  We’ve even got dance Sunday night, Dead Dog style.   Trevalyn has put together a great team of DJ’s ready to entertain you all night.   We put a lot of time, effort, and resources into giving you the right blinking lights and thumping bass!

Our dances kicks off Friday night with a Fursuit Dance.  All are welcome, suit or not!   The more traditional format dance begins at midnight Friday.


An actual Ball!

For the Time Traveler’s Ball, we now present an actual formal ballroom style ball, run by our Dance Track and onsite instructor, Kitra!   There are several dance panels on Friday and Saturday that you may attend if your ballroom dancing is a little rusty.  All of my dancing is rusty, and I will certainly be stopping by!  It’s more important to show up and have fun than it is to worry about your ballroom execution!

Here’s an excuse to dress up and spin a new friend or an old significant other around in circles.  Put a top hat on that fox!!


For updates throughout the convention, follow us at @furryfiesta or me @pathhyena.
Want to volunteer?  Give your love to “purple” Kyo at [email protected]


Why we CARE
February 3, 2013


Furry Fiesta has two reasons to exist.  First, to throw a party for furries that gets bigger every year (Wiki’s got us at #8).  Secondly, to funnel donations to our Charity, CARE.


CARE is an acronym that stands for the Center for Animal Research and Education.  This big cat rescue facility takes top quality care of roughly 50 large felines of all stripes (spots when you count the arctic) and several Lemurs.  Look at these pictures!  These animals are happy and photogenic now, but they were often removed from previous lives that were less than ideal, and sometimes cruel.  CARE gives them the life they deserve.   At the same time, they’re also working with Universities to help cure rare diseases in lions.  That’s a tall order for a literal a mom and pop operation,  and a substantial % of their budget comes from you.  Without your generosity, these over sized kittens and crazy lemurs are in a bit of a bind.


Care is a place you can visit.  It’s about 45 minutes northwest of Ft Worth.  Our crew visits often, and the staff the folks at CARE are always both super friendly and highly informative.   All the animals have names and histories.  If you visit, let them know you found out about them through Furry Fiesta.  That’ll get you a smile (from both CARE and us).


If you are unable to visit in person, you may visit vicariously through this link:



Your donations go a long way to ensuring another year of deep majestic purrs and happy lemur chitters.


Here’s how you can help throughout the convention:

  • During Registration, you will be asked if you’d like to Donate
  • All proceed from the Charity Auction go directly to CARE
  • 10% of funds spent in the Art Show go to CARE
  • Appointed Fursuiters will be on “bucket brigade” duty to catch you in the spirit of the moment.   Money goes in the bucket.
  • All Charity Poker Tournament proceeds go the charity
  • All Charity Casino Night proceeds also go to the charity
  • A final opportunity is given during closing ceremonies.  We’ll know what we’ve collected so far, and you’ll help us reach our goal.


If you would like to donate now, please do so through paypal using  [email protected], and make sure you let us know the money is a CARE donation.


Now featuring Overflow Hotels
February 2, 2013

And now a word from our favorite Logistics Lion, Guardian:

The Crowne Plaza is sold out of rooms for Saturday night. We cannot expand our (closed) room block as there are physically no available rooms left on that night. You are encouraged check for openings due to cancellations by calling Reservations at 972-980-8877, option 1. (The Crowne Plaza’s online reservation system will no longer show available spaces under our rate code.)


You can also contact other nearby hotels for available space. We recommend:


Courtyard by Marriott Dallas Addison/Midway
4165 Proton Dr, Addison, TX 75001
(just across the Proton street North of the Crowne Plaza)
(972) 490-7390


Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Dallas Addison
4355 Beltway Dr, Addison, TX 75001
(A very short drive North on Midway, walkable)
(972) 503-7800


Alternatively, if you still wish to stay at the Crowne Plaza but cannot reserve a room of your own, please check the Room Share Board 2013 area of this forum to look for those offering space in the rooms they have reserved.


We look forward to seeing you at Furry Fiesta 2013! :-)